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Most of profiles have a set of five hearts. What does it mean? Some of profiles got 5 red hearts, and others have pink or grey. How do I know what Russian wives want?

Red hearts show Instant compatibility with Russian wives. Certainly it doesn’t mean you are absolutely compatible with all listed Russian wives and will fall in love immediately with any of them. But those hearts show you ladies whom you are supposed to have the highest psychological compatibility level with.


I saw "Verified information"

slogan at your site. What does it stand for? Some girls have “Unverified information” message. So they are scammers?

We mark only those ladies’ profiles with “Verified information” words, whom we have personally seen in our office and whose ID was checked. We also check the profiles, where we have received the copies of papers confirming Russian post order wives identity, marital status, age and place of residence.

Certainly Russian wives with "Unverified information" message should not be judged as scammers or liars Most of them are real; they are honest and sincere ladies who just haven’t completed the registration procedure.

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Top rated Russian women's photos

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Our customers’ questions and our answers:

1.  If I pay for membership, will all my letters be delivered to the girls' addresses?
All Russian post order wives at the site have their own access to the Internet and check their mail box on their own. We don’ believe in ability to make a reliable relations when people don’t exchange with letters not often than once a week. If two people are seriously intended to build their relations and learn more about each other each, they have to communicate as much as possible. Thus, all girls who are seriously oriented t get strong relations regularly visit the site, check their mailbox and write back immediately.
2.  How many letters can I send during the month (I want to buy Gold membership for a month)?
Being a Gold or a Silver member you may send as many letters as you want.
3.  Can I be informed when my letter was read by a girl I have sent it to?
Yes, you may go to your Outbox and see which letters were already read and which were not.
4.  Can I purchase lady's address? I want to write her a letter.
No, we don’t sell the private information of Russian mail order wives from our site. Our ladies have their right for privacy. They register at the site and answer mails they got. In case they like any man they will give him their personal email themselves and use it for future communication.

Our advices how
to achieve best
results in marriage
with a Russian wife.

Step 1 Register at the site and try to place several photos of nice quality.
Step 2 Be active – try to show your personality as a confident and energetic man. Write letters. The best is to write about 40 or 50 of them. It will allow you to determine who is to be interested in you.
Step 3 Communicate with several Russian mail order wives you like. Check whether they answer all your questions. It will be hard to find some commons with some of girls, nevertheless you will succeed with others and it will be easy to strike up a conversation. Try to find out what Russian wives want and use it in your mails.
Step 4 Do not keep you pen-communication too long. Russian post order wives mostly don’t like that manner. They are afraid to fail with such relations, although their intentions could be quite serious. Ask your lady for a phone number and call her.
Step 5 If your lady has a child, ask her about it. Tell her about your child if you have any. Try to discuss some important points of family relations, how to bring the child up, etc.
Step 6 If you really like the free Russian wives you have communicated with and called to, do not waste the time! Do not let it to destroy everything you have reached. Come to Russia and meet them or her personally. Stay in the hotel, but not at her place. In case you fall in love with each other, she should be the first who suggest you to get acquainted with her parents and children.
Step 7 Try to arrange next meeting ASAP or make arrangements to marry her.

Matchmaking Services

Checking Information about Russian wives

Do you have any doubt about the lady you are talking to to be scammer? Does she really exist? We will check her identity and sincerity.

Translation of Letters

Is any help required to translate your letters from English to Russian and back translation?

Personal Search

Do you want to find a sincere, pretty, kind-hearted and appreciative exotic Russian wives, the lady who is really interested in you and who wants to have relations with you? If it is what you are looking for, use our service and get the list of free Russian wives who fits your criteria and are ready to communicate with you. We will help you to find out what Russian wives want, you could use it in your future relations.

Smart Searches

Gold clients have ability to use

smart search:

Perfect Match to Me People are searched according to the results of their compatibility testing

Good Match to Me People are searched according to the results of compatibility testing of the one who is doing the search
My Matching Criteria People are searched according to all the criteria listed in person's "My Match"
Willing to Meet Me People are searched according to your degree of answering their own requirements
New Users New users have the priority in your search

Four Types of Russian wives You Can Meet at
the Dating Sites

The first type - "Pure and Ingenuous"

Exotic Russian wives of this type usually attach some photos of low quality. You can hardly see their face at those pictures. Although they could help you to observe the girl's life. Those girls miss the biggest part of formal columns but always write something funny or deeply personal in the long answers. They look for close and warm relations. Suchlike Russian post order wives are sensitive, natural and don’t demand much. To the positive aspects of a marriage with such girl we can refer her warm attachment to the partner, the man who loves her. They are not into demonstration of her advantages, they are able to admire sincerely. Such girls make the partner to feel like a real man. There are some negative aspects: they are highly demanded in communication. Usually those Russian wives don't exhaust themselves by learning of foreign languages, so being abroad they will miss their contacts with people. This case can make them feel depressed and provoke them to lay some ungrounded claims.

The second type - "Spectacular and Ambitious"

The photos of these girls remind magazine covers. They don’t grudge their efforts for stylists and photographers in a will to reflect their success by taking photos in expensive clothes. As a rule, those free Russian wives have already achieved something in their life, thus they expect their partner to be a prospective and successful person. They have such positive aspects: her spectacular look and ability to show off in a favourable light. Suchlike girls are brilliant companion to go out. Furthermore, they are very active. Russian mail order wives of this type are capable to be not only mothers and wives, but also take an essential part in your business. Their negative aspects are ambitions and careerism. Don’t expect her to stay at home all the time. You should know what Russian wives want. She will find some spheres of activity where she could show her importance and influence. In case your affairs fall into decay, they will easily abandon you and get a more successful partner.

The third type - "Stable and Reliable"

The pictures of these girls remind identification paper headshots. Nevertheless, there was a professional who had taken them, as all they look the same constrained. They fill in all columns of the questionnaire and their "long answers" are marked with trite expressions. Suchlike exotic Russian wives are looking for reliable and relations. Commonly the demands of those girls are not very high. But, in their will to get safe relations, they are slow in making a choice of their second half. Their positive aspects are stability and rationality. They are faithful Russian mail order wives and very nice mothers. They are capable to survive in hard times and won't abandon the husband in case affairs go wrong. Their negative aspects are low flexibility and weak capability to adapt. They are too attached to their parents, friends, work, etc. It would take them really long to make a decision to move abroad.

The fourth type - "Artistic and Creative"

This type of exotic Russian wives prefer to take their photos at flowery or landscape background. They look rather extraordinary and are trying to be distinguished. These Russian wives like to attract attention. They ignore most of formal questions, but still write romantic or philosophical phrases in their long answers. Suchlike girls are looking for attention and admiration. They are trying to approach in every question, even about issues of their family and personal image in a creative and non-common way. The positive qualities of these Russian wives are mind flexibility and high adaptation capability. Thus new life conditions don’t scary them. Furthermore, they always try to make their husband surprised and delighted. To the negative aspects of suchlike free Russian wives we can refer a permanent need for attention. They are used to flirt and coquet with other men, and if jealousy is close to you, it will be really hard for you to stay with such lady.

Detailed Compatibility Report

All we want to have a reliable partner for the rest of our life. We need to love someone, to cherish and care; we want get love in return and to trust the partner.

Is there any way not to make a mistake? How to find the person to feel comfortable with, to enjoy and get old together? How to make the relations to be great for both partners? The thing is that we get too little information about the person when we meet anyone in the Internet.

A man who finds a girl comes to see her; they spend several days together and he returns back home. Nevertheless he has a choice - either to wait for next time to see her and get meeting or to make a fiancé visa for the Russian wife and invite her to his place.

Read our detailed compatibility report. Take a look into your future and make it the one you would like to have.

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